Learn how to achieve your dreams and goals without sacrificing your health, relationships, or anything else!


Save Your Seat

In This Workshop, You'll Learn:

How your thinking can propel you forward, or stop you dead in your tracks.  

Your circumstances don't define you or your results, but guess what does?

The 6 research-backed habits the most successful people in the world have in common.  

You must practice these habits create sustainable success.


The secret ingredient to success that's fun, joyful, energizing, and impactful.  

Without this, it's hard to stay on track and keep going when the going gets tough!



Save Your Seat

Stop trying to balance it all or trying to choose between this or that.


We've been sold a set of competing myths.  

1. The first is that we can't achieve success without going all in and leaving the rest of our lives, including our health and relationships, in shambles. The truth is that it's not success if it's not sustainable. 

2. The other myth is that we can live a fully balanced life!  We naturally shift our attention and focus between different aspects of our lives. It's practically impossible to be fully in balance at any one point in time.  

This workshop will teach you how to avoid swinging too far out of alignment and find the success you've been dreaming of. 

This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...


✔️  You want more energy and vibrancy, even when things feel heavy.

✔️  You often put your own needs, interests, and passions after those of your partner, family, or community.

✔️  You have something impactful to share with the world that brings you a sense of fulfillment but you don't know how to get it out there.

✔️  When you hit obstacles, you become aware that it's you're lack of belief in yourself keeps you from moving forward.

✔️  You want to learn how to be more focused and less distracted when pursuing your dreams.

Save Your Seat

A personal invitation from Crystal...


As long as I've been working with women, from teaching childbirth classes and helping breastfeeding mamas, to my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching practice and Certified High Performance Life Coaching, not that much has changed.

Women have so much to give, but often find themselves putting themselves and their dreams on the back burner.

In this brand new masterclass, I'd like to show you that it is possible to give to those you love and to your communities AND pursue your dreams and goals.

If you're committed to making this the year that you step up and believe in yourself, I can't wait to help you get there without stress and overwhelm.