About Crystal

If you're like many women, you hold back expressing your deepest desires while you’re wearing one of the hats of your many roles: mom, partner, friend, daughter, coworker.

You put on and take off the hats when they’re needed, and you do your best with each one.

But you struggle to find the one hat that balances all parts of you...including who you are inside.

I believe you are more than just the hats you wear and the roles you play.


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I’ve been there. I’ve wandered off my path.

I’ve lost my way more than once.

Now I’m living my extraordinary life.

And with my experience and training, I can help you create an extraordinary life that you love.


I’ve always been interested in self improvement.

I started running in high school. I even won the Most Improved award, though I was still the slowest runner on the cross country team.  

In my early twenties, I discovered triathlons. Running, swimming, and road biking turned into mountain biking, then surfing, and yoga in my thirties.

Whether I was competing, having fun training with my friends, or working to put myself through college, I always wanted to do my best.

I LOVE helping others find the clarity and courage to become their best selves, too.


There’s a huge mental aspect to sports, just like anything in life.

When it’s just you and a mountain bike trail, or you’re trying to balance in “crow” position, it can be overwhelming or stressful.

You need to take a deep breath (or two or three) and trust in yourself.  

That’s what I tell my clients now, and what I've told the many women I’ve helped in the past as a birth doula, La Leche Leader, and even as an algebra tutor.

When you release the stress and overwhelm, creative solutions come easier (as do babies!).

And, wow, being a woman today can be very overwhelming.


When my daughter started school, I felt obligated to go all in with helping out at PTA meetings, bake sales, and prepping craft activities. You name it; I was there. And in order to be super-mom, I gave up my birth clients and volunteering with La Leche League. I loved that part of my life but got so lost in my school volunteer world that I neglected myself and my passions.

A few years later, I was chasing my dreams again and enrolled in midwifery school. Then life happened; my son got sick. Before entering first grade he was hospitalized with a bone infection. After intense antibiotics, he was medically “well” again, but his behavior took a drastic, negative change. I let my studies take the back seat and changed course.

Through the process of trying to help my son, I stumbled upon how gut health and food can be linked to mood, emotions, and especially in children, behavior. After making some drastic changes to our diet, I was amazed to see that he was noticeably improving in just two weeks. It intrigued my curious mind, and the biology major in me wanted to know how it all worked together.

My research into gut health and food brought me to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I received my health coaching certification.

I specifically chose to work with women who needed help moving toward their health goals. Even though I had been trained to take all parts of a client's life into account, it didn’t take long to realize that relationships, careers, finances, hobbies, spirituality, and more were just as important as exercise and food! For women especially, these areas are all intertwined.

I wanted more tools to help my clients in all aspects of their lives, so I read everything I could get my hands on.

I saw an interview with Brendon Burchard about his book, High Performance Habits. I read the book. Listened to the audio book. Then read the book again. By the end of the following year, I had added Certified High Performance Coach to my toolkit.

These days?


I’m consciously spending quality time with my kids and my husband, while I work to create my own extraordinary life. I practice yoga and mountain bike regularly. 

I have a business that I love where I get to help women just like you uncover their dreams and go after them.


Book a Free Call to Explore How I Can Help You

I’m really, truly happy in the life I’m creating, and I feel honored to help other women do the same.

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