The Extraordinary Life Podcast

The Extraordinary Life Podcast

Hosted by: Crystal Obregon

The self-development podcast propelling you forward toward your goals - using science backed high performance habits. Reach that next level in your physical and mental health- see new heights in your relationships –...

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Episode 80: 7 Daily Practices to Clear Your Mental Clutter

This past month I’ve been talking to you about why you need to clear your mental clutter to achieve more mental clarity and see more success in your life. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if you didn’t have any of that...
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Episode 79: Your Diet Could Be Sabotaging Your Focus

There are so many external factors trying to get your attention these days that it’s no wonder focus can be hard to find. So why is it when you finally get some quiet time to focus on the things you really want to,...
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Episode 78: The Positive Side of Positivity

When you think of positive thinking, what comes to mind? Optimism, maybe? Or sayings like “the glass is half full” or “look at the bright side”? These are definitely side effects of positive thinking, but they don’t...
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Episode #77: Let Go Of The Past For a Clearer Future

If you want to move forward toward the Extraordinary Life you’re craving, but find yourself feeling stuck or blocked in some way, it may be time to examine your past.  Whether consciously or subconsciously, the past...
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Episode #76: Clean Up Your Mental Clutter

Are you feeling…  Overwhelmed? Distracted? Unfocused? Lost? A lot of these symptoms point to an overflowing mind that needs to be decluttered. Just like it's impossible to find a safety pin in the junk drawer, you...
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Episode #75: Take The Leap

If you’re waiting for a sign that you need to stop planning, waiting, and dreaming of your Extraordinary Life, this is it. It’s time to take the leap of faith and make your goals and dreams come true.  In this...
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Episode #74: Make Your Comfort Zone Bigger

Lately, I’ve been talking about getting out of your comfort zone because that’s the place you need to be to achieve your dreams and goals. Today I’ve got a new concept to get you motivated about putting yourself out...
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Episode #73: Motivate Yourself Out of a Slump

The dreaded slump. Everything is going great, you’re gaining traction on your goals, when BAM. You get sick, or work gets busy, or you take a vacation, and your whole routine is shot. By the end of it, you can’t...
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Episode 72: Learn to be More Self-Disciplined

Like all of the strategies I share to help you get out of your comfort zone and create your Extraordinary Life, this one can be learned. Self-discipline is a skill that anyone can develop, and it’s essential to stay...
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Episode #71: Be Positively Limitless

If you didn’t know already, you are the only one in charge of achieving your dreams; you’re also the only one who can hold you back. And most of the time, the biggest thing getting in your way is your...
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Episode #70: It's Time to Face Your Fears

One of the hardest things about personal growth and going after your goals is stepping outside your comfort zone. The reason it’s so hard is because as soon as your brain senses change is coming, it throws fears in...
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Episode #69: Invite Gratitude Into Your Life

As it’s nearly Thanksgiving, it seems like the perfect opportunity to revisit the life-changing power of a daily gratitude practice. This one habit wields a lot of power for something that only takes five minutes a...
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