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Episode #4: The Most Important Leadership Position I've Ever Had

Leadership no longer means loudly bossing others around, and hasn’t for some time! It’s about creating a relationship and seeking the best for everyone involved, with one person in charge of the direction of the journey. Today, I’m talking about my greatest leadership position; and you’ve got it - it’s being a parent.

Listen in as I compare the four defining principles of leadership with family life, how I parent my own children, and how you are likely a strong leader too - even if you’ve never thought of yourself as one. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [02:05] How the High Performance Institute defines leadership, and why parenting is the ultimate leadership position.
  • [05:24] Leadership is a process, and parenting creates within us flexible, intuitive, collaborative leadership. 
  • [07:35] We lead our children through an influential relationship.
  • [10:08] Parenting teaches us to seek and initiate change when systems are no longer working.
  • [10:55] Parenting allows us to see the whole picture, and create collaborative change. 
  • [12:20] How and why I think about leading my family every day.


Show Resources

  • Learn the power of daily rituals, like my “ten dreams for ten years” practice. Everything you need to create routines that work for you are in my new Good Morning, Good Night Ritual Guide.


In the Next Episode

When you’re ready to dream big and invite change into your life, it’s exciting! That’s why I often get asked, “what can I do now to get working towards my dreams?”  The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do today, and then each and every day, to set the ball in motion. In fact, I came up with seven! 


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