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Episode #10: My Tools For Feeling Good

When it comes to creating routines and habits in our lives, the reason why is simple: we want to feel good! But which habits will make us feel the best, and keep us striving for and living our extraordinary lives? Today, I’m sharing eight tools that I use, and will help you feel better in all areas of your life. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [00:45] The secret truth behind why we want good habits
  • [02:30] Why sleep is a tool for success
  • [04:10] The benefits of mediation
  • [05:15] A tool for calming stress, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep.
  • [06:45] My yoga practice
  • [08:15] How gratitude generates positivity
  • [09:00] Eat well, feel great
  • [10:05] Why exercise isn’t just about being fit
  • [10:31] The tool I use every day
  • [11:11]  A tool I use when I need to recenter or take a break from the day

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In the Next Episode

Routines can bring ease, joy, and comfort into your life, which is why they are so important in helping you create a life you love. Unfortunately, our unconscious routines have a downside that can hamper the changes we desire. In the next episode, I’m sharing tips on how to avoid the negative side of habits, and what to do instead.


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