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Episode #7: Overcome the Overwhelm in Your Life

When you have big dreams and goals in your life, it makes sense that overwhelm will strike now and then. You’re trying to balance your existing life with creating a better, more fulfilling one, and that comes with swirling thoughts competing for your attention; and when you’re overwhelmed it becomes harder to take positive actions toward those dreams. Unless, that is, you know how to work through it and come out with a plan. 

Today, I’m sharing six steps to overcoming the overwhelm, so you can create the extraordinary life you crave.

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:10] Who’s most likely to become overwhelmed in their life
  • [02:15] The main culprit behind those overwhelmed feelings
  • [02:40] It’s not another to-do list
  • [04:53] Define what else is going on in your life right now
  • [06:04] Define & Combine
  • [07:35] Choose what you will say “no” to
  • [09:40] Embrace planning
  • [11:50] Ask for help and input

Show Resources

  • Real Plans is the meal planning program I’ve been using for years to save us time and money while also helping us achieve our health goals AND manage complicated dietary needs. It’s truly a life saver! Read more. 
  • Connect with YOUR dreams and find clarity on where you want to go next, you’re ready for my Design Your Decade Goals & Dreams Workshop. Learn More here. 

In the Next Episode

I’m going to get a little bit awkward in the next episode. Listen in as I share tips to creating better relationships in your life, as they relate to my own marriage.


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