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Episode #18: Create Habits That Work For You With Special Guest, Kai Deering

I’m really excited about this week’s podcast, because I am interviewing Kai Deering, a fellow entrepreneur I’ve really connected with during the pandemic. She’s been sharing about her own routines and habits lately, so I brought her onto the show to talk about them. 

What I love about Kai is that she isn’t afraid to break the rules when it comes to creating her extraordinary life. She’s crafted a life that not only works with her personality and lifestyle, but one that supports her goals and dreams. 

Listen in for a unique perspective on making habits work for you. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:22] Meet Kai! 
  • [03:55] The taboo morning “rules” that Kai breaks every day
  • [07:12] Learn how Kai ends her days with positivity and her trick to falling asleep faster.
  • [09:45] The lessons she’s learned from working at home, and why she loves being her own boss. 
  • [13:40] Kai shares how she takes charge of life with daily disciplines to give herself that little edge.
  • [15:42] How Kai slowly “shuffled” her way to a big change.
  • [18:34] Why Kai believes successful people make quick decisions to take action.
  • [22:30] How setting ten alarms a day uncovered a surprising truth about Kai’s thoughts and habits. 


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In the Next Episode

I talk about creating an extraordinary life a lot... but what does that mean? Explore what an extraordinary life looks like, and what it could look like for you.  


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