Episode #22: The Beliefs You Need to Be Successful

Your beliefs in who you are and what you can accomplish have everything to do with how successful you are at creating your extraordinary life. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your own. 

During the holiday season you’ll be seeing more of your family and friends, and these people are the basis for most of the beliefs you have about yourself. Yet these beliefs may not support the life you’re craving, because rather than creating them yourself, they were passed on to you. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the three main beliefs that successful people have, along with ways you can cultivate them each and every day in your own life. As you listen, I encourage you to examine the beliefs you have now, and consider if they are true for you. 

The sooner you realize that you DO have control over your thoughts and beliefs, the sooner you can move forward and start creating the life that you want. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [03:03] Why do your beliefs impact your success?
  • [05:00] Learn to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.
  • [08:15] Reasons why you need to believe in others, too.
  • [12:02] Your belief in the future inspires success in the present. 
  • [15:06] 3 ways to nurture and increase these beliefs in your everyday life. 


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In the Next Episode

With momentum being one of the ways you can support the beliefs you need to be successful, as well as being one of the High Performance Habits, it is exactly what I’ll be talking about next. Listen to next week’s episode where I’ll be sharing ways you can create a mindset for momentum.


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