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Episode #25: Speed Up the Arrival of Your Dreams

Do you want to reach your dreams faster? Of course you do! So why does it feel like it’s taking so long? One reason might be because you haven’t uncovered your BIG dreams yet. 

It’s essential to be crystal-clear on what your dreams are before you start thinking about your goals, next project, or new year resolutions; because if you haven’t envisioned how you want your life to be, how do you go about creating it? 

In this episode, I’m sharing six questions to ask yourself that will help you get clear on where you want to go, what might be holding you back, and the next steps you need to take to achieve your dream life. 

So grab your journal, and start dreaming! 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:47] The biggest (and hardest) question you need to answer before you go after your dreams. 
  • [02:51] Who’s dreams are you chasing?
  • [05:10] This practice is my biggest motivator, even when faced with the toughest tasks on the way to my dreams. 
  • [06:18] The biggest reason I encourage you to envision your dreams ten years from now. 
  • [10:09] Steps you can take over the holidays and into the new year to achieve your goals faster. 


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In the Next Episode

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have everything they dream of, while for others it remains out of reach? In the next episode, I’m going to show you why it’s not a matter of good genetics or luck, but rather all about the strategies you use. I’ll even share seven proven strategies to help you turn your dreams into reality.


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