Episode 27: 7 Surprising Reasons to Set Goals

I know, I talk about goals a lot. They’re so important to creating your dream life because they give you a direction to go in. After all, how can you get where you want to go without a map to guide you? 

But having a roadmap isn’t the only reason you should set great goals for yourself. The right goal holds a lot of power, and in today’s episode I’m sharing seven surprising reasons you should set goals. Yes, this episode is timed perfectly with the New Year, but goals should be part of your life all year long - and this episode will tell you why. (Number five is one of my favorites!)

Have a listen, then sit down and write yourself some goals! 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:16] Why setting goals is like getting through college.
  • [03:23] Seven surprising reasons to set goals. 
  • [05:50] The way goals can help you manage your to-do list. 
  • [07:15] An invitation to see faster success with your goals. 


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In the Next Episode

This episode was all about WHY you should set goals for yourself, and I hope you're excited to start dreaming big! But along with those big dreams comes the reality of how to fit them into your already busy life. There are kids to raise, dogs to walk, groceries to shop for, and jobs to go to...

You aren't alone in feeling that's a lot to take on, and in the next episode I'm sharing ten (yes, ten!) ways that you can work on your dreams without feeling overwhelmed in the process. 


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