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Episode 30: Always Growing - An Interview with Artist, Tina Short

In today’s episode, I interview Tina Short, an artist living her version of an extraordinary life. Through parenting twin boys, divorce, and finding her path as an artist, she’s come up against many obstacles. Yet through it all, she’s stayed committed to growing and staying true to herself. 

In this inspiring interview, we chat about following your passion, what it means to be an artist, breaking negative parenting cycles, and the power of community. Yes, we covered a lot! 

Listen now to hear how she’s found connection and happiness, even when life gets hard. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [02:31] How Tina found her path to being an artist.
  • [09:42] Finding confidence as an artist and in life. 
  • [17:25] Tina shares how she connects with her artist’s voice, and how she sees her role as an artist.
  • [23:11] The advice she’d give to her younger self, and to those just starting out as artists.
  • [28:13] We chat about balancing life, passions, parenting, and relationships. 
  • [38:21] Tina reflects on why she was so hard on herself as a child, and how that affects her parenting today. 
  • [44:42] How she views the “backward gift” of experiencing trauma in her life. 


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In the Next Episode

Coming up next is another interview with another amazing woman. Sue has been part of my Extraordinary Life Group Program for the past year, and I've also been a client of hers for some time! She's a postural therapist, so we talk about what it means to feel good in your body; but also what it means to feel good in your life. 


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