Episode #43: Fitting In - An Interview About Moving Through Life

Some words can carry hidden meaning and power, and “fitting in” is one of them. We all have a deep need to be seen, heard, and find where we FIT. As we move through the ages and stages of life, this need keeps popping up. 

Taking it even further, I think we all want to feel comfortable within ourselves, too. A number of women I work with feel unsettled in who they are and where they belong in the world, especially as those ages and stages end. Starting or ending a new career, kids leaving the nest, or the end of important relationships can all contribute to the feeling of not belonging.

In this episode, I talk with an extraordinary woman who knows a lot about not always fitting in, but still following her dreams. Laurie is a movement instructor who got her Master’s degree in her fifties, teaches non-traditional yoga, and has taken up painting though she admittedly cannot draw. Now nearing sixty, she’s still loving what she’s doing and has found her community of people in those once uncomfortable spaces. 

Laurie shares how she’s dealt with imposter syndrome and embraced what she loves to do, sprinkled liberally with her excitement about keeping her body moving (along with her clients’) into the senior years. Her energy is contagious, and you’ll end this episode feeling excited for where you might “fit in” next.


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:33] Meet Laurie Broderick-Burr, movement instructor, mother, wife, painter, and lover of the great outdoors.
  • [03:37] Her approach to movement and why she doesn’t teach traditional yoga.
  • [10:44] How she went from a steady teaching career to learning how to teach movement classes entirely over Zoom (and loving it!).
  • [20:08] On making mistakes & overcoming perfectionism, something she still struggles with. 
  • [23:11] What Laurie hopes she’s passed on to her daughter; and it’s not happiness.
  • [26:42] The moving words she wishes she could go back and tell her younger self. 
  • [28:29] The surprising influences in her life, and the lessons they’ve taught her along the way. 
  • [31:26] A reflection on how we always need our parents to have our back, no matter how old we get… and on the opposite side, how strange it is to let your children go as they become adults. 
  • [34:57] Why embracing intuitive painting has helped her release some perfectionism and find a new place to fit in the world. 
  • [40:22] Remembering that it’s okay to do something new to you, even if others have done it before. 
  • [41:30] Bending the aging curve through movement and not limiting yourself. 


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