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Episode #46: Practices to Develop Your Personal Psychology

We all know what it takes, more or less, to be successful. A lot hinges on following through with what you say you’re going to and maintaining  the healthy habits to support you in reaching your goals and dreams. The next layer to creating a joyful and peaceful life is developing your personal psychology: stretching your mind! 

No, I’m not talking about learning, thinking, or doing more with your mind. Rather, developing your mind is about clearing space in your mind and learning to control your thoughts and the chatter within it. With practice, you’ll find yourself less reactive and more in control of the thoughts chattering in the background. 

This type of work is a practice (mastery isn’t the goal), and something that you can work into your daily life. In this episode, I’m sharing five practices you can use to strengthen and develop your mind. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [02:52] The practice that I’ve let slip recently, and that I miss starting my day with. 
  • [04:57] Use  your whole body to take control of your mind and find your flow.
  • [06:22] A solution if your mind never quits moving.
  • [08:22] Do you find it hard to concentrate on anything these days? Try this practice.
  • [09:42] This is a fun one! I’d love to hear your version of this practice. 


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Do you have a big, crazy, wild dream that you keep hidden inside? It can be scary to speak your dreams out loud for many reasons, including being afraid that it won't come true. In the next episode, I'm interviewing a coach who once had a dream like that and who eventually found the courage to say it out loud, but also made it come true. 


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