Episode #49: Strategies to Overcome Your Fears

If someone were to ask you what you’re afraid of, what would you say? Heights? (I sure am!) Maybe you’d answer with spiders or dogs. Or would you go deeper, and blurt out “failure” or “hurting people’s feelings”? There is no right answer of course, but all types of fear hold us back in some way. 

Recently, my fear of heights clashed with my love of mountain biking, and I had to cross a railway bridge over a river. I was terrified, and that fear somewhat tainted the ride up until I managed (somehow) to get across. In my coaching, facing fears comes up with each and every client because to keep growing and moving forward, they need to conquer the things keeping them stuck.

In this episode, I have ten strategies that you can use to help you overcome your fears of bugs or disappointment, both in the moment and for good.


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:34] My big fear of heights, and how even talking about it makes me nervous!
  • [03:41] The fears you create for yourself are holding you back, but you can overcome them. 
  • [05:13] Use your subconscious mind to work for you, instead of against you. 
  • [08:17] The role your physical body has in managing fear.
  • [11:05] What you imagine becomes real.
  • [12:05] My favorite tool to get through fearful moments.
  • [13:37] A bonus tip!


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In the Next Episode

As a life coach, it's easy for me to see where my clients' thoughts and beliefs are tripping them up. It's a lot harder to see in myself, though! This is something I've been working on, and in the next episode I'm sharing the exact method I use to examine how my own thoughts are supporting (or hindering) my results. 


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