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Episode #52: Being Bold with Tracie Root

I’m back with another interview with an Extraordinary woman, who has defined what being bold is for herself and helps others find it in themselves and their businesses. Tracie Root is also a speaker, coach, bestselling author, and community builder. 

Tracie shares how she went from working in the corporate world to living a meaningful, aligned life; and it all started with health coaching. Or did it? This interview will have you looking back over your life for those pivotal moments that you never saw coming (or weren’t ready for,) yet changed everything. It may even have you hoping for more bumps in the road to launch you into something bigger and better. 

We talk about everything from what it means to connect to others, knowing yourself, and how to let your strengths shine. An inspiring and honest speaker, Tracie will have you feeling ready to tackle the day and your dreams. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:47] Meet Tracie, and hear how she fell into her calling as a coach.
  • [07:08] Learn how being BOLD surprisingly helped her grow her business during the pandemic. 
  • [14:49] What building her business has taught Tracie about herself.
  • [20:04] Tracie defines what success looks like to her in life, as a mom, and in business.
  • [26:17] The perspective that Tracie has about life is what gets her through whatever challenges she comes up against.
  • [33:24] Tracie gives her younger self a bit of advice. 
  • [37:54] She’s discovered what being bold means for her; here is how Tracie helps others find their own version of it. 

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