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Episode 53: You Need to Relax. Here's How.

Every year, I look forward to summer. Long, lazy days spent outdoors and enjoying time with friends and family (finally!). Yet when the season arrives, inevitably I am just as busy as usual, if not more so! Trying to fit in all that “summer fun” while maintaining work and household responsibilities. 

If this sounds all too familiar to you, then you need to make time to relax. In fact, we all need to relax every day to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Yes, you read that right - you need to take time to chill out so you can do more. 

This short episode is packed full with the evidence you needed to convince you to finally take time for yourself, and tips on how to make it a regular practice this season (and every day). 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [00:47] An important question for you.
  • [01:45] If you don’t feel like you have time to relax, this message is for you.
  • [04:28] Benefits of relaxing you may not have thought of. 
  • [06:01] You need to relax for others. Seriously; here’s why.
  • [08:24] Bonus relaxation tips. 


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In the Next Episode

I've been on a road trip for several weeks now, and (of course) not everything went according to plan. Listen to the next episode to hear the lessons that I learned these past few weeks, thanks to forest fires, olive pits, and more. 


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