Episode #59: Use Your Past to Inspire Your Future

I don’t have space for regret in my life, but the past can still trigger big feelings. This happened to me recently when a new opportunity shed light on how close I’d come to a big dream of mine from college. 

Looking back, I wish that I’d done things differently… but of course that’s with all the wisdom I’ve gained over the past thirty years! 

Rather than stay stuck in regret over the many “what ifs'' surrounding that dream, I ended up finding closure on that time in my life. I’ve also found ways to use the experience to inspire not only my own future, but perhaps that of my own children and even you. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:24] How to twist past regrets into something positive.
  • [03:01] The regret from my last year of college that has been bothering me.
  • [05:50] The first thing I would have done differently.
  • [09:24] My realization of how close I had come to my dream (but didn’t).
  • [10:43] Finding closure on the past, and using it as inspiration for the future. 

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