Episode 60: Breaking the Rules - An Extraordinary Interview with Jenny Roth

I love following the rules and sticking to habits, but in this episode I’m chatting with someone who’s built her business (and lives her life) by choosing what feels right - no matter what the rules say. 

Jenny Roth is the personal trainer behind Coaching Character, an unconventional business built  by breaking the rules and on the radical belief that you’re the expert of your own body. 

If you have ever felt dismissed by the “experts” or overwhelmed by your goals, you’ll love Jenny’s point of view and approach to both fitness and life. We talk about everything from listening to your body, showing up as your real self, and the not-so-secret way to achieving your goals.

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:36] How watching the “experts” changed how Jenny worked as a personal trainer forever. 
  • [05:19] What Jenny’s approach with her clients looks like now.
  • [06:21] Breaking past your barrier of “shoulds” to get where you want to go.
  • [08:26] The three things that will help you achieve your fitness goals at any age.
  • [10:05] Jenny’s path to becoming a coach, which wasn’t her initial plan.
  • [14:34] What she thinks about rules, and why we need to question them. 
  • [20:22] Why breaking the rules of business has allowed hers to grow alongside her family life. 
  • [28:20] How Jenny’s grandmother and father taught her to break the rules to create a life that you love.
  • [32:53] About Grace & Grit: Jenny’s 12-week accountability group. 

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