Episode 65: Manage Your Mind Through Adversity

Continuing with the theme of our thoughts, I want to talk about managing your mind when things aren’t going your way. Because let’s face it, if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we aren’t in control of what happens to us; but we can control how we react to it. 

So, what happens when a pandemic shows up, you get an unexpected job offer, your parents get sick, or your child comes home with a puppy that they need to keep? How do you stay on track with your dreams and goals if life keeps throwing a wrench into things? 

First, I need to be clear and say that life will never  be balanced for most of us. Some areas are just going to need more attention than others, and then it will shift into a new dynamic. Life is not static, and how you approach your dreams shouldn’t be, either. 

In this episode, I’m sharing strategies that helped me get through 2020 (and beyond) while still staying focused on my dreams… even if I couldn’t actively work on them all at the time. Then, when I could, I picked up where I left off. 

You can use these strategies the next time life gives you an unexpected surprise… because it will. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:17] First, some myth-busting about what it takes to live your dreams. 
  • [07:06] When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then share it with others!
  • [08:32] Know when to shift gears. 
  • [09:35] I give you permission to coast… Sort of.
  • [10:45] How I managed when everything (literally) was burning around me.
  • [14:51] Finding your way back to your goals and dreams. 

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In the Next Episode

The brain is an amazing thing, and over the past few episodes we've been examining how your thoughts affect your outcomes... and how you can change your thoughts to get what you want. In the next episode, learn another strategy to make your mind work for you, rather than against you: managing your expectations. 


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