Episode 66: You Get What You Expect, So Start Expecting The Best

Have you ever noticed that what you expect to happen usually does? There are tons of sayings, ideologies, and even schools of thought related to this idea. There is the law of attraction, karma, and even the song “You Get What You Give” by The New Radicals. 

Without having to believe in any of those things, the truth is that the things you give attention to grow faster. This includes your hopes and dreams. 

In this episode, I’m challenging you to stop hoping and dreaming, and instead become intentional about the things you want. I want you to create expectations in your mind that these things are going to happen, so your thoughts and actions make them come true. 

So how do you shift from “hoping” to expecting a life that fulfills you and lights you up? Listen in to find out. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [00:39] Why expectations and The Great Depression are on my mind. 
  • [02:36] Confront your expectations for your life. 
  • [04:12] Expectation vs. Hope
  • [06:02] What expectations and being pregnant have in common.
  • [07:00] Yes, you can blame society if your expectations have been low until now.
  • [08:42] It’s time to stop settling for what you have.
  • [11:41] Expectations make you unshakeable. 
  • [12:35] An invitation and a discount. 

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