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Episode 68: Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Courage

Over the next several episodes, I’m going to be talking about your comfort zone: what it is, how it’s holding you back, and how to break out of it. First up, let’s talk about courage. 

When I think about what it means to be courageous in your life, it’s the smaller actions that stand out to me. Things like setting firm boundaries, exploring your dreams, and challenging your limiting beliefs. Not one of these things is easy, and that’s because they all take you out of your comfort zone. 

Something else they all have in common? They all will help you get closer to your goals and dreams. 

There is a saying that “Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die”, and I have to agree. How can you achieve or do new things if you’re unwilling to take a step beyond where you are right now? 

If this is making you feel uncomfortable because it's hitting too close to home, this episode is for you. Listen in to see exactly how your comfort zone is holding you back and killing your dreams; and how courage is there to help you step beyond it. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:23] Your goals and dreams don’t live in the sphere of comfort. 
  • [02:41] Why comfort is the opposite of courage. 
  • [04:14] Your comfort zone is constantly changing. 
  • [06:25] Are you stuck in your comfort zone? These questions will help you decide.
  • [07:11] Successful people don’t stay comfortable. 
  • [10:25] Are you living “The Caged Life”?
  • [11:54] An invitation to leave your comfort zone with me. 

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In the Next Episode:

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