Episode #70: It's Time to Face Your Fears

One of the hardest things about personal growth and going after your goals is stepping outside your comfort zone. The reason it’s so hard is because as soon as your brain senses change is coming, it throws fears in the way to slow you down. It wants you to stay safe and comfortable, and change could mess all that up.

Fortunately, you’re in charge of your thoughts, and there are things you can do to face your fears and flip the script. Listen in for three not-so-scary ways you can tackle your fears, take control, and start making your goals and dreams reality. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:16] Stop scaring yourself; it’s only holding you back!
  • [02:04] Step One: This exercise will help you discover what you’re afraid of.
  • [04:38] Step Two: Get busy and take action tackling those fears.
  • [05:43] Step Three: Turn fearful negativity into positive confidence.
  • [08:04] Set the stage for a fearless 2023.

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In the Next Episode:

What if you had no limits to success? What if all of your dreams could come true? I believe they can, and in the next episode I'm sharing exactly how you can become positively limitless. 


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