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Episode #74: Make Your Comfort Zone Bigger

Lately, I’ve been talking about getting out of your comfort zone because that’s the place you need to be to achieve your dreams and goals. Today I’ve got a new concept to get you motivated about putting yourself out there and taking action towards the things you want. It’s all about making your comfort zone bigger. 

We all love our comfort zones - so what if you had a bigger one to come back to when needed? There’s a catch, though. Yes, you guessed it - to make your comfort zone bigger, you need to step outside it. 

No, I’m not crazy! Listen in to this week’s episode to hear why you need to step outside your comfort zone, why it’s okay to retreat back in sometimes, and why growing your comfort zone makes you braver.

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:53] Your comfort zone isn’t permanent.
  • [04:27] When is it okay to retreat back to your comfort zone?
  • [06:10] The reward for bravely stepping beyond your limits.
  • [07:51] That time I put on a wig and became braver.
  • [09:39] A simple way you can expand your comfort zone today.

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Enjoy the Show?

In the Next Episode:

That's enough talk. It's time to take the leap outside your comfort zone. In the next episode I'm giving you the few tools that you'll need to make the journey a successful one. 


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