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Episode #77: Let Go Of The Past For a Clearer Future

If you want to move forward toward the Extraordinary Life you’re craving, but find yourself feeling stuck or blocked in some way, it may be time to examine your past. 

Whether consciously or subconsciously, the past can hold a powerful grip on your self-esteem and motivation. It can even cause you to self-sabotage the things that you really want in life. 

If you think your past might be holding you back, today’s episode will show you exactly why you need to shake it, thoughts to examine, and all the benefits from saying “goodbye” to what no longer serves you. I’ll even give you a glimpse into my past and how it was affecting my business and my relationships. 

Letting go of the past doesn’t mean forgiveness or minimizing your journey. Rather, it’s all about self-empowerment and taking control of your life and your own future. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:14] The past can have a powerful effect on your everyday life.
  • [03:35] A resentment from my past that was subconsciously holding me back.
  • [07:38] The precious gift you can give yourself. 
  • [08:32] Exactly why letting go of the past is so empowering.
  • [10:05] How to live going forward, so you don’t get tangled up in the past again.
  • [11:20] Look for the silver lining. 

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