Episode 78: The Positive Side of Positivity

When you think of positive thinking, what comes to mind? Optimism, maybe? Or sayings like “the glass is half full” or “look at the bright side”? These are definitely side effects of positive thinking, but they don’t fully encompass what positive thinking is nor why you should work at it. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the very real benefits of positivity and how they will affect your successes in life, your relationships, and even your brain! Once I’ve convinced you that everyone should work on being more positive, I’ve got three easy ways you can increase your positive thoughts starting today. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:12] The positivity snowball.
  • [02:18] Positivity affects your brain in several (positive) ways
  • [03:35] Create an abundance of solutions and opportunities with positivity
  • [06:44] Why it’s important to distinguish between positivity and optimism. 
  • [08:05] Three simple ways to work on your positivity starting today. 
  • [10:45] The connection between today’s topic and why I became a Certified High-Performance Coach.

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Finding it hard to focus lately? There are many things that can lead to lack of focus, and next week I’m sharing ways that will help you focus better and more consistently.


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