Episode 79: Your Diet Could Be Sabotaging Your Focus

There are so many external factors trying to get your attention these days that it’s no wonder focus can be hard to find. So why is it when you finally get some quiet time to focus on the things you really want to, your mind keeps wandering? 

It could be that you’ve been conditioned to jump from one thing to the next, but it could also be that your body is working against you! Brain fog and inability to focus can be directly linked to the things you eat (or don’t eat), and in this episode, I’m calling them out. 

Once you see the connection between food and focus, you can make small adjustments that will make your brain happier, clearer, and ready to get down to business. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:16] Why bother improving your focus? 
  • [03:24] Your soda is slowing down your brain.
  • [03:57] Rethink your relationship with fat.
  • [05:15] What more than half of the people listening to this are suffering from.
  • [06:00] The common culprit causing your brain fog. 
  • [06:38] The reason food sensitivities matter. 


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