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Episode #14: Increase the Necessity of Your Goals

Do you have things in your life that you just DO, no matter what? Even when you are tired or just don’t want to, you make yourself get up and get going? If you’re a Mom, I bet you have a list as long as your arm. I know that when my kids were younger, I made their school lunches every morning because it was so important to me that they had good food to eat during the day. 

The necessity of my goal (feeding my kids certain foods) was so high that I just did it - no matter what. Today I’m talking about this very thing, which happens to be the third High Performance Habit; learning to raise necessity so you stay motivated to show up. In today’s episode, I’m sharing six ways you can do this, so you can keep going after what you want in your extraordinary life. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:00] What raising necessity really means.
  • [02:27] Three internal forces to help raise the necessity of your goals.
  • [09:35] The external forces you can utilize to make your goals a priority.
  • [16:00] A recap of all the ways you can increase the necessity around what you want to achieve.


Show Resources

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  • Join me and an incredible community of other like-minded women moving out of their comfort zones and into their extraordinary lives. Join The Extraordinary Life Tribe. 


In the Next Episode

I’m moving on to the fourth High Performance Habit in the next episode, which is a favorite of my coaching clients. It’s all about increasing productivity! Most of us feel like we don’t do enough and feel overwhelmed about adding more to their lives, and this is NOT what productivity should feel like. Join me in the next episode to learn more about what productivity should look and feel like, and how to implement this habit into your life.


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