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Episode #16: Three Ways to Increase Your Influence

If you are a parent or a person in a leadership position, you’ve probably thought about how you influence those around you. You want to set a good example for your kids and help them grow into responsible adults, or you want your team at work to achieve milestones and achieve their best.

But have you thought about how increasing your influence can actually help you reach your own goals faster? And no, this isn’t about making others do your bidding. Rather, it's about creating the ideal environment to achieve your goals where your interactions with others creates a positive result for you - and them. 

Listen now to learn what influence is and isn’t, and for three simple but powerful actions you can take to increase your influence in your everyday life. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [02:00] What increasing your influence really means. 
  • [03:25] How I use influence in my own life with my husband, my children, and even you!
  • [08:07] The first action to develop influence in your own life is the simplest. But as Brendon Burchard says, common sense isn’t always common practice.
  • [13:39] Why giving without expectation of return will get you more of what you want. 
  • [16:22] The third way to develop influence, as illustrated by a young equestrian set on competing in the Olympics. 
  • [20:58] An invitation to join the next cohort of The Extraordinary Life Tribe.


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In the Next Episode

Come learn about the sixth and last High Performance Habit, demonstrating courage, in the next episode. This habit is what you need to move out of your comfort zone and push forward when creating your extraordinary life.


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