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Episode 21: 6 Ways to Integrate Gratitude into Your Daily Life

It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, which is a time to slow down and be grateful for what you have. Despite the season, I hadn’t planned on doing an episode on gratitude, until I realized how much it’s affected my life for the better. 

Yes, I found myself being grateful for my gratitude practice!

Since I began practicing gratitude each day, my life has become more joyful, peaceful, and abundant - and I want that for you, too! That’s why this episode is all about simple ways to integrate gratitude into your daily life. 

Listen now for my 6 best tips on creating a daily gratitude practice. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:00] Feel the immediate effects of gratitude.
  • [01:42] How (and why) gratitude works.
  • [03:16] Six different ways you can practice gratitude each day.
  • [08:27] The “embarrassing” gratitude habit I passed on to my daughter.


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In the Next Episode

Have you ever wondered what beliefs you need to move forward and create your extraordinary life? In the next episode, I’m sharing a presentation that I did at an event that will help you think about where your beliefs come from, and how you can create new, supportive ones for the future.


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