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Episode 26: Seven Strategies to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have everything they dream of, while for others their dreams remain unrealized or forgotten entirely? 

It’s not about luck, it’s not about genetics, and it certainly isn’t closing your eyes and wishing.

Rather, it’s all about STRATEGY. 

Taking strategic action is essential to achieving your dream life! In this episode, I’m sharing seven strategies you can use now to help turn your dreams into reality, so you can stop dreaming and start creating the life you want. 

Be sure to listen to the end of the episode, when I share three ways you can get strategic (with me!) about your goals this year. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:18] Understand what is important to you by connecting to your core values
  • [04:45] Using your time wisely with the 20/80 rule
  • [05:58] Define your goals with Google Maps in mind
  • [08:10] What to do when the unplanned happens
  • [09:45] How embracing your imagination can create energy and motivation
  • [11:17] The win-lose trade-off
  • [12:52] The key to implementing the seven strategies


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In the Next Episode

I talk a LOT about setting goals, and you probably know they are important to achieving an extraordinary life. But have you ever thought about why they are so important? When you set a great goal, it acts as a lot more than a finish-line that you are trying to cross. Listen to the next episode for seven reasons you should set goals (that you probably never thought of). 


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