Episode #39: An Extraordinary Life is Meant to Be Lived

Life can feel too short sometimes, but not for the guest I’m interviewing this week. In this episode, I’m talking with an extraordinary woman who’s lived many lives in her sixty-five years and is still going! She is a ton of fun and has embraced the seasons and changes that she’s encountered in her life so far with curiosity and open arms. 

Listen in to see how she has entered each stage of her life with creativity and joy. She’s been a dancer, mother of four, teacher, and now a chef and cooking instructor with her own school, The Cosmic Muffin School of Cookery. Each path seems to naturally continue from the one before it, as she consciously welcomes changes and tries new things in life to find a balance that works for her. 

You’ll be inspired by Deborah’s vibrant story, personality, and message to her past self. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:41] Meet Deborah Costella, a woman who has lived (at least) four extraordinary lives.
  • [03:42] Learn how she stumbled into cooking for others, and how The Cosmic Muffin came to be. 
  • [11:12] Deborah shares how she uses food to facilitate creativity and connection, and how it keeps her close to her family. 
  • [20:33] Listen to the advice she’d give to her younger self to relieve past anxiety and stress, and how she chooses to approach life now. 
  • [26:17] Like most parents, her four children are what she’s most proud of, but they aren’t the only way she defines success in her life. Here’s how Deborah measures success instead.
  • [32:17] What people can expect from Cosmic Muffin School of Cookery, in-person or online.  

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