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Some women that work with me share that they’re afraid of running out of time to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. There are women who put their careers on hold for children, couldn’t afford to travel in their youth, or who have a nagging dream that they want to see fulfilled. Some are worried about getting older and that their years to do “all of the things” are running out. 

I don’t believe that you have to choose between  your dreams and your obligations, imagined or otherwise. Rather, I help women learn strategies to find the time to do both while honoring where they are at life and where they want to go. 

Then there are the women who have found the balance on their own, and have embraced their life stages and changes with curiosity and talent for seeing opportunity. In episode 39 of The Extraordinary Life Podcast, I talk with a woman just like that. Deborah Costella is in her mid-sixties and is opening the new location for her business, the Cosmic Muffin School of Cookery. In our interview her energy for her latest adventure is contagious, but it’s not the only dream she’s lived in her lifetime. Rather, Deborah created a life that fit her interests and life-stage every step of the way. 

Listen in to hear how Deborah transitioned from a ballet dancer to a mother of four, to an early childhood educator, to embracing her personal and familial love of food and turning it into yet another fulfilling career. She shares a lot of the lessons she’s learned along the way, including how she’s approaching life in her sixties. 

There’s no one “right way” to live your life, but Deborah is the perfect example of someone who has balanced her passions despite everything life throws at you, and is loving every minute of it.

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