Episode #41: 5 Ways to Cope With Stress

If one thing is certain about life, it’s that it’s full of surprises! Some are great, like an unexpected job offer, while others can be annoying (like I talk about in this episode), and others still just minor blips in the day. 

No matter how well planned your day, week, or year is, challenges and changes are going to come up… and if you don’t know how to manage the potential stress that comes along with them, it can take its toll. 

To help you stock your stress-busting toolkit, I’m sharing five ways to cope with stress so that you can manage those unexpected surprises with more ease and less worry. Stress is going to happen - so listen in to prepare for the next time it does. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:20] The annoying thing that’s been keeping me up at night (which then leads to the next worry in my mind.)
  • [03:30] Why knowing your stress triggers and responses is essential to planning for them. 
  • [04:47] When problems and stresses seem too big, try this practical approach.
  • [06:00] If the same types of stress (or responses) keep happening, tip number three is for you. 
  • [07:26] When you feel isolated or burdened by your stress, do this! 
  • [08:10] This is the most important way to build resilience around stress, but it’s often the most neglected strategy. 


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If you’re experiencing more than just everyday stress, listen in to the next episode for strategies to help you manage acute emotional stress. You can get through this, and these tips will help lessen the impact.


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