Episode #50: Challenge Your Thinking to Create Change

I’m always working on my thoughts and beliefs and how they are supporting or affecting what I want in my life. As a life coach, however, it’s a lot easier to do for others than myself. Since our thoughts and beliefs are often subconscious, it’s helpful to have an outside perspective to get those “aha!” moments. 

I’ve worked with several coaches and mentors when I’ve been feeling really stuck, but right now I’m practicing on my own using something called “The Model”. It was created by Brooke Castillo, and it helps you understand how “your circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results work together”.

In this episode, I’ll explain more about the ideas behind The Model, along with examples you can apply right away to your own life. Plus, I’ve got four examples on how to shift the negative thought patterns that may be holding you back. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:02] The big reason you need to examine your thoughts. 
  • [02:30] Do your circumstances impact the results in your life? The answer may surprise you!
  • [04:24] The freeing moment that I understood that I could change my life.
  • [05:30] Why limiting beliefs and negative self-talk are such a big deal. 
  • [08:15] You can’t trust your feelings to give you the full story.
  • [09:25] How it all comes together to impact the actions you take and the results you get. 
  • [13:32] Four tips to flip your negative thought patterns to more empowering, positive ones that will put you on the track to achieving your Extraordinary life. 


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How are you, really? That's the title of Jenna Kutcher's first book, and in the next episode I'm sharing an idea that she talks about in the book that I'm super passionate about: finding your community. 


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