Episode 64: Create a Life Roadmap With These 5 Questions

After living the past two years on “pause”, I know a lot of people who are wondering “what now?”. Their dreams may have changed or they just don’t know how to get started working toward them again, and they feel lost. This is where a life-map that showed you exactly where to go would come in handy. 

In this episode, I’m going to show you how you can create that map, so you have something to guide you when making decisions. It will be like a compass to help you know what to let into your life, what to let go, and where to go next to turn your dreams into reality.

This exercise in clarity is something you can back to again and again whenever you feel lost. Your map will be dynamic - changing as you and your life path do - but it will always help you find your place again. 

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [01:22] Are you wondering “what now?” when it comes to your life? You aren’t alone. 
  • [04:50] The first step to creating your roadmap: defining what success means to you.
  • [07:47] Get clarity on your non-negotiables with these two questions. 
  • [09:23] The important question I start with in all my coaching programs.
  • [10:27] What do you want to be known for? 
  • [11:20] Why you should revisit your map often.

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