Episode #47: A Gentler Way to Go After Your Dreams

Most of us have secret dreams about what we want from our lives. You know, the big ones you’re afraid of saying out loud? Have you ever wondered why you keep them inside? Is it an embarrassment of wanting it? Fear that you can’t achieve it? Or because if you speak it out loud, you are going to have to work your butt off hustling and working 24/7 to achieve it? 

In this episode, I’m interviewing Nafissa Shireen, a coach who has asked all of those questions of herself and more on the way to owning her dream ranch and a coaching business. Listen in for her take on what it takes to say those dreams out loud and make them come true. She shares a gentler way to go after your dreams, without settling for less nor breaking yourself in the process. 


Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [02:45] Meet Nafissa, the non-business business coach who dreamed of owning a ranch, despite being afraid of horses. 
  • [07:15] The reason she named the ranch “Believe and See”, and the importance of believing in your dreams. 
  • [12:09] The secret, “obnoxious” dream that she finally said out loud. 
  • [19:36] Nafissa’s advice for those who want to follow their dreams, but don’t believe achieving them is possible. 
  • [24:06] How Nafissa dealt with her own curveballs, and how to deal with your own. 


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Keep listening to my conversation with Nafissa, because in the next episode we are talking about  prosperity and how it's so much more than wealth, and also the important difference between being broke and being poor.


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