Episode 61: Tips to Boost Your Creativity

I never believed I was a creative person until my husband changed my point of view. Maybe I can’t make music like him or sing like my daughter, but I am creative in other ways. As my husband pointed out, I can whip up a delicious meal from anything I have on hand. If making dinner for four out of a bunch of wilted vegetables, macaroni noodles, and parmesan isn’t creative problem solving, I don’t know what is! 

It turns out that I was thinking about creativity as only making things, which is pretty common. In reality, though, creativity is a lot of things. Your creativity affects how you see the world, how you show up in it, and how you move through life’s obstacles. 

If you’d like to boost your creativity, I’ve got six tips that you can start using right away to stretch your brain, come up with new ideas, and see the world in a different way.

Here’s a Peek at the Episode

  • [00:51] Creativity isn’t about what you create, it’s about you.
  • [02:40] Six tips to boost your creativity when you’re stuck.
  • [03:20] Tip 1: Change your perspective.
  • [04:44] Tip 2:Mentally move.
  • [05:15] Tip 3: Exercise your imagination.
  • [05:45] Tip 4: Find your comfort spot.
  • [06:15] Tip 5: Use time to your advantage. 
  • [07:30] Tip 6: Get help (with suggestions on where to find it.)

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