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The Extraordinary Life Podcast

The Extraordinary Life Podcast

Hosted by: Crystal Obregon

The self-development podcast propelling you forward toward your goals - using science backed high performance habits. Reach that next level in your physical and mental health- see new heights in your relationships –...

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Episode #33: Learn to Be More Optimistic

When you’re biking a narrow trail on the edge of a cliff, you’re supposed to keep your eyes on the trail. Why? Because your bike will go where you’re looking. If you want to stay on the trail, look at the trail....
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Episode #32: Dreams Don’t Need to Be Practical

In the busyness of life and all of the changes that the pandemic has thrown at us in the past two years, indulging in your passion may not seem practical. At least, that’s what some women were feeling in The...
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Episode 31: The Posture of Balance

Balance. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot in the coaching world but especially in life as a woman. “How do you balance it all?” “How can I find balance between love, life, kids, and career?” Today’s episode...
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Episode 30: Always Growing - An Interview with Artist, Tina Short

In today’s episode, I interview Tina Short, an artist living her version of an extraordinary life. Through parenting twin boys, divorce, and finding her path as an artist, she’s come up against many obstacles. Yet...
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Episode 29: Develop Your Inner Confidence

Some people just seem to go for it, don’t they? It’s almost like they were born with confidence and know exactly what they want and how to get it. I do think some people are born with a little extra oomph, but...
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Episode #28: Work on Your Dreams without Feeling Overwhelmed

 I talk a lot about why you should set big goals for yourself and how to achieve them faster, but along with those big dreams comes the reality of how to fit them into your already busy life. There are kids to raise,...
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Episode 27: 7 Surprising Reasons to Set Goals

I know, I talk about goals a lot. They’re so important to creating your dream life because they give you a direction to go in. After all, how can you get where you want to go without a map to guide you?  But having a...
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Episode 26: Seven Strategies to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to have everything they dream of, while for others their dreams remain unrealized or forgotten entirely?  It’s not about luck, it’s not about genetics, and it certainly...
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Episode #25: Speed Up the Arrival of Your Dreams

Do you want to reach your dreams faster? Of course you do! So why does it feel like it’s taking so long? One reason might be because you haven’t uncovered your BIG dreams yet.  It’s essential to be crystal-clear on...
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Episode #24: Connect with Intention

Most of the women I work with desire deeper connections in their lives. They want to feel closer to their partner, children, and even their friends, but aren’t sure how to make it happen.  The truth is that most of...
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Episode 23: Developing a Mindset for Momentum

When you’re living your life with momentum, it means you’re doing a little more every day to move closer to what you want… and do less of what’s holding you back.  It sounds so simple, yet many of us struggle to...
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Episode #22: The Beliefs You Need to Be Successful

Your beliefs in who you are and what you can accomplish have everything to do with how successful you are at creating your extraordinary life. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your own.  During the...
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