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The Extraordinary Life Podcast

The Extraordinary Life Podcast

Hosted by: Crystal Obregon

The self-development podcast propelling you forward toward your goals - using science backed high performance habits. Reach that next level in your physical and mental health- see new heights in your relationships –...

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Episode #9: Getting Back Into Routine

September is the back-to-everything month, and one that I know I get excited for each year; it’s back to routine! Yet getting back into those habits is always easier said than done. To help me get a jumpstart on...
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Episode #8: How To Create Better Relationships

Relationships are a key part of our happiness in life, whether with our partners, friends, or coworkers. In fact, creating happier and more connected relationships is a big part of creating your extraordinary life....
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Episode #7: Overcome the Overwhelm in Your Life

When you have big dreams and goals in your life, it makes sense that overwhelm will strike now and then. You’re trying to balance your existing life with creating a better, more fulfilling one, and that comes with...
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Episode #6: 5 Things You Should Know About Coaching & Personal Development

When you first get started on your personal development journey or working with a coach, it’s likely because you’re seeking more in your life. The “more” could be meaning, satisfaction, time, health, or any number of...
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Episode #5: 7 Things You Can Do Now to Move To Move Toward Your Dreams

When you're ready to dream big and invite change into your life, it’s exciting! That’s probably why I often get asked, “what can I do now to get working towards my dreams?” The good news is that there are a lot of...
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Episode #4: The Most Important Leadership Position I've Ever Had

Leadership no longer means loudly bossing others around, and hasn’t for some time! It’s about creating a relationship and seeking the best for everyone involved, with one person in charge of the direction of the...
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Episode #3: 5 Characteristics of My (Favorite) Clients

Have you ever wondered what type of person seeks out a coach? Or are you curious if you could benefit from coaching yourself? In this episode, I’m sharing the common characteristics of my favorite clients, and I’m...
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Episode #2: Why I Hired a Coach

In this episode, I share part of my coaching journey, what led me to hire a coach of my own, and how a pony gave me my biggest “aha!” moment.   Like many of my own clients, I reached out for help for two reasons: I...
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Episode #1: Lessons I Learned During 591 Days of Gratitude Practice

In this episode, I’m looking back on the past 591 days of my own gratitude practice, and sharing the lessons I’ve learned and the dramatic effect it’s had on my life. Gratitude. You hear about it a lot, and how...
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