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The Extraordinary Life Podcast

The Extraordinary Life Podcast

Hosted by: Crystal Obregon

The self-development podcast propelling you forward toward your goals - using science backed high performance habits. Reach that next level in your physical and mental health- see new heights in your relationships –...

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Episode 56: Using Adaptogens to Reduce Stress with Paula Grainger

This month is all about finding and harnessing your motivation, which means we also need to talk about stress. When you’re stressed it’s hard to find the energy to keep going, even if you really want to.  Stress is...
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Episode #55: Understanding Motivation

I talk a lot about being motivated to achieve the dreams of your Extraordinary Life, but have you ever stopped to think about what motivation really is?  While it may feel like motivation comes and goes, it actually...
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Episode #54: Lessons From The Road

I’m three weeks into my family road trip vacation, and as I should know by now, life never goes according to plan. Since I’m always looking for the lessons life throws at me, this episode is dedicated to the things...
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Episode 53: You Need to Relax. Here's How.

Every year, I look forward to summer. Long, lazy days spent outdoors and enjoying time with friends and family (finally!). Yet when the season arrives, inevitably I am just as busy as usual, if not more so! Trying to...
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Episode #52: Being Bold with Tracie Root

I’m back with another interview with an Extraordinary woman, who has defined what being bold is for herself and helps others find it in themselves and their businesses. Tracie Root is also a speaker, coach,...
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Episode #51: How Are You, Really? A Book Review

I was lucky enough to read an advance copy of  Jenna Kutcher’s first book, How Are You, Really? (which you can get now) and I highly recommend it.  If you don’t know who Jenna Kutcher is, she’s the host of the Goal...
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Episode #50: Challenge Your Thinking to Create Change

I’m always working on my thoughts and beliefs and how they are supporting or affecting what I want in my life. As a life coach, however, it’s a lot easier to do for others than myself. Since our thoughts and beliefs...
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Episode #49: Strategies to Overcome Your Fears

If someone were to ask you what you’re afraid of, what would you say? Heights? (I sure am!) Maybe you’d answer with spiders or dogs. Or would you go deeper, and blurt out “failure” or “hurting people’s feelings”?...
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Episode #48: Defining a Prosperous Life

We are jumping right into this episode, which is a continuation of Episode 47: A Gentler Way to Go After Your Dreams. In the second half of my conversation with Nafissa, a coach, mentor, and healer, we switch gears to...
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Episode #47: A Gentler Way to Go After Your Dreams

Most of us have secret dreams about what we want from our lives. You know, the big ones you’re afraid of saying out loud? Have you ever wondered why you keep them inside? Is it an embarrassment of wanting it? Fear...
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Episode #46: Practices to Develop Your Personal Psychology

We all know what it takes, more or less, to be successful. A lot hinges on following through with what you say you’re going to and maintaining  the healthy habits to support you in reaching your goals and dreams. The...
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Episode #45: What it Takes to Follow Through

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to keep appointments and promises to others, but that we often struggle to stay true to our word when it comes to ourselves? When you keep breaking promises to yourself, your...
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