10 Reasons Why You're Tired all the Time

Are you feeling tired all the time? While it’s not realistic to feel energetic 24/7, regularly feeling drained and tired will take a toll. I know when my energy is low, I find it harder to accomplish regular tasks, let alone work on my goals. Medical reasons aside (thanks, menopause!), you may have fallen prey to sneaky energy-zappers in your daily routine. Eliminate these, and you’ll see your energy rebound in no time! 

10 Things Secretly Draining Your Energy

  1. Lack of Movement. It may seem counterintuitive that using energy to exercise or go for a walk will increase your energy, it’s true! Moving your body boosts the oxygen levels in your blood and gives you a boost of feel-good hormones. Throw in some motivational music, getting outdoors, or exercising with friends, and you’ll feel energized in no time. 
  2. Processed Carbs. By design, carbohydrates are designed to provide your body with a quick source of energy. Unfortunately, processed and refined carbs will spike your blood sugar too high; then when your body sends out insulin to bring things back into balance, your blood sugar plummets, leaving you tired and drained. So rather than eating a sugary donut, choose something like an apple with a handful of nuts. You’ll still get the “up” from the natural sugar, but the fiber and protein will help keep your blood sugar more stable (and you’ll feel full longer, too!). 
  3. Poor Sleep. If you’re not sleeping well, you’ll obviously be tired the next day! Help your body recover and recharge through good sleep habits like going to bed at the same time each night and avoiding caffeine in the afternoon. For other tips, grab my Free Guide to Better Sleep. 
  4. Food Sensitivities. One side effect of eating foods that your body is sensitive to includes fatigue. This is because your body has to expend extra energy to digest the food and/or fight the resulting inflammation or other side effects. If you think that you might have sensitivities, it’s worth checking with your doctor. Common culprits include gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and eggs.
  5. Eating Too Little. Just like a car needs fuel to go, so does your body. If you aren’t feeding your body enough quality fuel (ie healthy food!), you’re going to feel tired. A balanced diet will provide you with all the energy you need. 
  6. Eating Too Little Protein. As a follow-up to the previous tip, studies show that eating protein boosts your metabolism, and scientists believe this may help prevent tiredness. Feeling lethargic? Ensure you eat protein with every meal. 
  7. Drinking Too Little Water. We all know that we should drink water throughout the day, but it’s easy to forget and go hours without a sip. Studies show that being even a little dehydrated can make it harder to stay focused and leave you feeling drained. Some tips to stay hydrated are to have a glass of water first thing in the morning and with every meal; carry a water bottle with you; keep a cup in the bathroom and have a glass every time you “need to go”. 
  8. Energy drinks (Including Coffee). Just like refined carbs, energy drinks can send your energy up before crashing back down. Caffeine can also take up to 8 hours to clear your system which makes it harder to get a good night’s sleep, adding to the energy drain.
  9. You’re Stressed. Feeling constantly stressed can deflate your mental and physical energy. This is just another reason why it’s important to have (and follow!) a plan for managing stress. Here are some ideas on how you can beat stress.
  10. A Negative Environment. It’s possible to “catch” the moods of the people around you, and some people are more susceptible to this than others. If you find yourself feeling tired and grumpy in certain situations or around specific people, just being aware of this can help lower your reactivity. You may also want to limit your time in those environments. 

I believe that it’s all connected: sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, mindset, and relationships. If you move your body, eat healthy foods, drink your water, and surround yourself with a positive environment, your energy should quickly return. And if it doesn’t, it’s worth talking to your doctor to see if you have an underlying issue. The most successful people really do take care of themselves! What’s one area you could work on this week?

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