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The Most Important Leadership Position I’ve Ever Had

As a High Performance Coach, I have to recertify at least every second year in order to keep growing my skills and learning new things. This past March, I did my third recertification, and it was all about leadership coaching. Through the coursework and then as I applied it with my own clients, it struck me that as women, we’ve been holding extremely important leadership roles without giving ourselves much credit. In fact, I think being a parent is the most important leadership position I’ve ever had. 

While I practice high performance coaching, most (though not all) of my clients probably wouldn’t immediately call themselves leaders - at least not when we first start working together! They’ve never led a corporate team, or been head of a large organization; yet they are the leaders in their families. In fact, I’d say they’re the most qualified leaders, because they have to be in charge 24/7.

What Does it Mean to be a Leader?

The High...

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Characteristics of my Favorite Clients

I want to talk about the common characteristics of my favorite clients, and I’m taking a page from the way my amazing yoga instructor teaches his classes. Kofi Busia uses stories from his life, experiences of his family, and even taken from past students to help us understand the moves and lessons of the day. Today, I’m going to tell you about someone who inspires me, and how she reminds me of my amazing clients.


Did you know that throughout my 20’s, I did triathlons, mountain bike racing, and road bike races? It’s true, but I never was that great at road racing - which explains why I didn't have much interest in the races on television. But over the past year, I’ve become hooked!

Like everything new in the past twelve to eighteen months, I credit the pandemic with my racing obsession. That, and it was super hot and fiery (literally) here at the end of summer in 2020. There wasn’t a lot we could do inside or out, and I discovered bike...

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