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I'm Writing A Book!

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post, and I should really be packing for our family’s two-week trip to The Netherlands, but I’m just too excited about my next project. Life has been full of ups and downs for our family the past year or so, and it’s inspired me to write a book filled with all the health knowledge I’ve expanded on and learned over that time. But wait - I think I may be getting ahead of myself, here. Let me explain how I got to this place in the first place. 

A Lifelong Health Journey

I’ve always been interested in the science of health, which makes it so frustrating when my family or I’m not well. Being diagnosed with high cholesterol was a big surprise to me early this year, and I’ve also been suffering from many symptoms of early menopause. It’s even worse when one of my kids is unwell, and my teenage son has been navigating his own health challenges this year, too. 

I was supporting him with the...

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How Stress Changes Your Body

We all know by now that stress affects your health, sneakily affecting your body’s internal functions to get ready to fight or take flight. But have you ever thought about how stress also changes how your body looks and feels? When chronic stress is messing with your digestion, sleep, and other processes, it’s inevitably going to take a toll on everything else. But don’t fret - once you know what’s happening, you can make changes for the positive. 

Understand How Stress Changes Your Body

Knowledge truly is power, and when you know better, you can do better! Learning how your body responds to stress can be a huge “aha!” moment, and empower you to take back control of your health. It can be tempting to “power through” stressful days, or simply get used to them. But over time it takes a real toll on how you look and feel. 

Here are a few ways stress changes your body: 

    1. You Gain Body Fat. When you’re stressed, your...
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The Right Way to Detox

Maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional energy is crucial to successfully pursuing your dreams. If you've been experiencing sluggishness in any of these areas, this post is for you. Often, women are enticed to find the best detox method to boost their energy, only to stumble upon questionable detox diets or "cleansing teas" that leave them feeling physically depleted and gross.

To detoxify and enhance your energy levels effectively, it's essential to steer clear of fads. Instead, focus on cleansing your body, mind, and environment so that you can feel your absolute best and make progress towards your dreams each day. Trust me, this approach is far superior to subjecting yourself to a week of cayenne pepper and lemon juice!

Your Body's Natural Detoxification Process

Contrary to what supplement companies and paid endorsements may claim, the truth is that you don't need to eliminate toxins from your body. This is because your body possesses an intricate and remarkable built-in...

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