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I want to talk about the common characteristics of my favorite clients, and I’m taking a page from the way my amazing yoga instructor teaches his classes. Kofi Busia uses stories from his life, experiences of his family, and even taken from past students to help us understand the moves and lessons of the day. Today, I’m going to tell you about someone who inspires me, and how she reminds me of my amazing clients.

Did you know that throughout my 20’s, I did triathlons, mountain bike racing, and road bike races? It’s true, but I never was that great at road racing - which explains why I didn't have much interest in the races on television. But over the past year, I’ve become hooked!

Like everything new in the past twelve to eighteen months, I credit the pandemic with my racing obsession. That, and it was super hot and fiery (literally) here at the end of summer in 2020. There wasn’t a lot we could do inside or out, and I discovered bike racing on tv. Again it’s thanks to Covid, because bike races usually happen earlier in the season but had been moved later to accommodate health restrictions. 

It was while watching these races that I discovered the commentator Orla Chennaoui. She recently covered the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, and will be covering cycling for the Olympics. Yes, she really knows the sport, but I think I like her so much because she embodies many of the characteristics of my favorite clients! She is an excellent example of who gets the most out of working with me, and what can be accomplished when you have support around you. 

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Crystal, I don’t have anything in common with a globe-trotting sports commentator in Europe,” you might be surprised! Read on for the qualities I see in her, and likely can find in you, too. 

She Pursues Her Work with Excellence

Orla is a successful sports commentator with regular shows and she travels a lot for her job. It’s obvious that she’s very passionate about her career and aims for excellence in what she does. Take the Tour de France for example. In order to be there in person for the twenty-one day tour, she has to be away from her family for close to a month once you factor in quarantine time. 

To do her best, she has to wake up in a different country, stay focused each day, and keep up with what’s happening throughout the fast-paced event. I can see how part of this “pursuit of excellence” is directly related to being a mother. If she is going to be away from her family for so long, it has to be worth it. She must love what she does and give it her whole effort. 

I see this same quality in so many of my coaching clients. They strive to do their best in their lives and careers, and aren’t satisfied with “good enough” lives. They want to love their lives, and will do the work it takes to achieve that. 

She Wants to be a Great Mom

On her Instagram, Orla sometimes shares about her family. She has young children, and is clearly a great mom while balancing a demanding career that she loves. To keep up with her busy life, she must use her time productively! 

Productivity happens to be the theme in my Extraordinary Life group program this month. We’re talking about how productivity isn’t just about being more efficient so you can do more. Efficiency and being less distracted allows you to do more of what you love! For me, that’s choosing to be with my family. 

I see this showing up in what Orla shares, but I see it in my clients as well. They all want more in their lives, while still being present for their important relationships. 

She Questions Herself

While I can’t put words in her mouth, Orla has shared that it’s not easy being away from her kids for long periods of time. Just like you and me, she’s human - and I can venture a guess that she’s questioned her path at times. It’s during those moments that we need a strong network of people around us. I know that my group members appreciate the level of support that they get from me and one another; they can talk through a problem, learn from others’ experiences, and feel safe sharing how they feel.

She Takes Care of Her Mind & Body

In order to create a life full of what you love, like how Orla manages “Momming and Careering” as I say, your mind and body need to be strong. With a background in integrative health coaching, I know just how important this is! Orla makes fitness and meditation a part of her life, which no doubt help her shine in both of these areas. 

My ideal clients don’t always start out with a clear mind or the best health, but the key is that they’re open to doing things differently and want to feel happy and healthy from the inside out. 

She’s Grateful for What She Has

The last quality that I see in my clients is that they are already grateful for what they have. Even though they’re striving for something more in their lives or careers, they always stop to give thanks. Gratitude is so important, and is something that I learned firsthand after doing 591 days of my own gratitude practice

My amazing clients, just like Orla, put a high value on being joyful, getting their gifts out into the world, and persisting until they get there. So while you may not think you have a lot in common with a bicycle race commentator, I have a feeling you do have things in common with Orla Chennaoui. 

Tell me, what characteristics do you bring to the table that are important to create an extraordinary and successful life that you love?

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