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Ten year dreams. Clarity. Goal setting. I talk about these things a lot because when you know where you want to go, it’s a heck of a lot easier to chart the path to get there. And while I most certainly want to help you achieve those dreams, I don’t want you to forget to enjoy the journey along the way. 

You see, life is happening to you right now and isn’t going to wait until you achieve whatever is on your list. Your children are growing and perhaps leaving the nest, your relationships can’t be put on hold, and you’re constantly evolving and growing. Your goals and dreams will shift over time as well. I want you to dream big so that you can chart that path and plan your goals, and then enjoy the experience of achieving them. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the “when” mindset, or get addicted to “what’s next?” when it comes to goal setting. You become so focused on the end goal that you don’t take time to enjoy what you have in front of you. If you find yourself saying things like, “I’ll be happy when ABC happens”, you’ll know that it’s time to slow down. Like Aerosmith sings, “life’s a journey, not a destination.” 

If this sounds familiar to you, here are some ways to make time to appreciate the pursuit as much as your achievements:

  • Practice gratitude. Gratitude brings you back to the present, and it’s changed my life and relationships exponentially. You can read about what I learned after 591 days of gratitude here
  • Celebrate the little wins. You don’t need to wait until you win the Superbowl to have a party! The next time you conquer a small win along the way, do a little dance, buy yourself a special treat, or put a gold star on a chart. Whatever will make you feel good! 
  • Accept challenges along the way, rather than fight against them. You never know when a new opportunity will arise. 

This last point is key, because no matter how well you plan each step toward your goal, something is bound to push you off course. I recently interviewed a woman on The Extraordinary Life Podcast who knows this all too well. She always loved writing as a child, and today she’s a writer, editor, and is (finally) working on her first novel. Listen in, where we chat about putting your dreams on hold, picking them back up again, and following the winding path of life at the same time. 

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