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For the past several months, I’ve been prepping you to take the leap, get out of your comfort zone, and finally take action on your goals and dreams. I’ve shared the psychology of comfort zones, tips to motivate yourself to expand yours, and examples of the amazing things that can happen when you are brave enough to get uncomfortable. But the time for talking is over. No more planning. No more thinking about it. It’s time to take action. 

Getting from your comfort zone to your dreams will require you to take a giant leap of faith in yourself. There is no certainty in life. You can never know for sure if you’ll succeed or fail. Even if you’ve meticulously planned every step, there are too many external factors that can (and will) pop up on your journey. This isn’t said to scare you, but rather to give you that final push you need; you’ve done all you can! 

The only thing left to do is to take the leap. Here are the three ingredients you need to be successful in making your Extraordinary Life come true. 

Believe in Yourself

When you take the leap, you need to believe in yourself. You need to trust that you can do whatever it is you set out to do. (Otherwise, what's the point of taking the leap in the first place?) Do you trust in yourself? If not, then you need to do some work to figure out what it will take to build your self-confidence.

Perhaps you are telling yourself untrue stories about yourself, and your beliefs are holding you back. Maybe you just don’t have the skills you need yet, and you need to spend time learning them. Your attitude and mindset can also stop you from believing in yourself. These things are all solvable, but you may need to do some digging and do some internal work. 

These are the types of things we work on in my Coaching Curriculum, both in The Extraordinary Life Tribe and 1:1, because once you believe in yourself, you’re unstoppable! Once you've got the right mindset and the right skills and knowledge, it’s time to take action. 

Live with Integrity

When I say “live with integrity”, I specifically mean with yourself. I find that women live with integrity when it comes to doing things for other people, even putting their promises to themselves on hold to do so. It’s important to keep your promises to other people, but it’s even more important to keep your promises to yourself! 

Do you do what you say you’re going to do when it comes to your goals? Can you trust that you will follow through on your goals? If you're not living your life with integrity, it's time to make a shift. You need integrity to succeed. Yes, this takes self-discipline but it is another skill that can be learned if you want to. Don't give up on yourself before you get started. 

Are You Flexible? 

Remember that life is a journey. Be flexible, bend, but don't break. There will be many times along the way when you'll be presented with options that aren't in line with what you originally had in mind. Life happens, and you will find yourself wanting or needing to go in a slightly different direction. 

Knowing when to bend or adjust is important. If you're unwilling to compromise, you could cost yourself your entire goal. Some people end up abandoning their dreams simply because they weren't willing to adjust or bend the rules they'd set for themselves. If something will push you forward closer to your goals, then go for it (as long as it doesn’t go against your values, of course). It’s okay to make sacrifices, compromises, and be clear about what you won’t sacrifice along the way. 

For example, I value my family and it's a big part of why I do what I do. I have one kid off at college, and the other will be on his way in a few short years. So while I have boundaries around my work time, I’m only willing to sacrifice so much family time. Having a close family is part of living my version of an Extraordinary Life, so it doesn’t make sense to sacrifice that now to get ahead in my business. 

Let Your Dreams Guide You

Finally, I'd like to remind you that your goals and dreams give direction to your life. They tell you which way to go and which roads to take. However, you will never reach your destination if you don’t get out of your comfort zone! Gather the courage to step outside of it and follow the path that will lead you to the life you want.

If you'd like help clarifying what you want, the steps you need to take to reach your goals, or finally taking the leap, send me an email or message me on social media. I have many ways I can help. 

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