10 Ways to Activate Your Extraordinary Life

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Last week I led you through a process of evaluating and tracking where you are in your life and what needs to be changed using the six High-Performance Habits. Once you start tracking them, it gives you a great baseline to work from and keeps you on track. They’re so important to creating your dream life that we spend six months working on them in The Extraordinary Life Tribe and keep coming back to them. For the other six months, we work on ways to activate your life. These are called the Charge Sessions and are what help you create an engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic life. 

Activating your extraordinary life starts by thinking about and strategically managing your long-term energy, enthusiasm, and engagement in life. To achieve this, you must decide to move beyond the boundaries and beliefs that you or others may have set out for you, and decide what you really want from your life. 

There are ten human drives that are the activators to help you consistently improve your life by sustaining higher levels of energy, engagement, and enthusiasm. To see where you could use a little more spark in your life, read through the ten drives below and give yourself a score from one to ten.

Security & Stability

The first five drives are what make you feel more secure and comfortable in your life. 

1. Control. I’m sure you know that there are good and bad kinds of control. We all know people that we might call control-freaks, who need to control every bit of their lives and the lives of those around them. On the other end of the spectrum, some people drift this way and that and have very little control over their lives. 

Here, we are talking about how in control you are of your overall life. Do you have a handle on things, are moving in the direction you want, and can bounce back from setbacks? Or are you floating without direction? 

2. Competence. Competence is your knowledge, skill, and ability in any specific area of your life. It could be in the realm of parenting, relationships, work, or your hobbies. Competence is important because with competence comes confidence. With confidence comes trying and learning new things. And as you learn new things, you progress, feel more competent, and the circle continues. You’re never too old to learn new tricks!

3. Congruence. Congruence is how aligned you are with your values and your highest potential. When you’re not in alignment, you may feel edgy, upset, or out of sorts about life. But when you’re aligned with who you know you can be, you feel a sense of pride and fulfillment in life. 

4. Caring. When you’re cared for and have deep caring for others, you feel happier and healthier. This drive is key to feeling safe and accepted, and then extending the same to others. 

5. Connection. I think we’ve all become clued into how important connection is the past few years. Feeling connected to the people in your life and having a variety of healthy relationships can bring great joy. 

You can see how these first five human drives add up to a comfortable and happy life. In The Extraordinary Life Tribe and my private coaching, we go much deeper into specific strategies to activate each of these areas to best align with your personal goals. 

Moving Forward

The next five drives, called the forward drives, can shake you up. They’re harder to do and more uncomfortable to activate regularly, but they will ultimately help you find more satisfaction in life. 

6. Change. Change is about how well you adapt, grow, and strive to be your best self. It involves trying new things and always trying to improve many areas of your life. Think about how proactive you’ve been in making changes in your life. Do you push through the resistance, or shrink away from disturbing the status quo? 

7. Challenge. To reach your highest, best self, you need to push yourself. Yes, it’s easier to stay in your comfort zone, but is that where you want to stay forever? Think back to a time when you’ve challenged yourself and risen to meet your expectations. It’s a powerful feeling and one that you can tap into whenever you need to. 

8. Creative Expression. This includes artistic expression, but it goes beyond that. Here, examine how you share your unique identity with the world. It takes a lot of courage to honor and share your authentic thoughts, opinions, and self. When you can sense and exhibit the true you, even if it makes others uncomfortable, you will experience a truly extraordinary life. 

9. Contribution. This drive leans on a clarity of purpose and finding meaning in what you do. When you give good things to the world or contribute to something meaningful beyond your own needs, you find fulfillment. That is, if it aligns with your purpose. Otherwise, you might find yourself exhausted trying to find meaning through contribution. Clarity must come first! (Which is why it’s the first of the six high-performance habits.)

10. Consciousness. As human beings, we have the unique ability to seek a heightened consciousness or awareness of ourselves, our surroundings, and our spirit. To do this, we must practice being present and mindful of our thoughts and actions every day. Your thoughts create your reality, and you are in control of them. How present are you? 


Were you scoring yourself as you went along? I wonder where you excelled and what areas could use a little more spark. Just like the high-performance habits, these ten human drives are proven ways to create an extraordinary life yourself. No matter what’s going on in your life, these tools can be used again and again to help you become more self-aware, alive, and fulfilled in your life. 

If these tools speak to you and you want support in creating and living an aligned and joyful life, The Extraordinary Life Tribe could be for you. The 2022 cohort is open for enrollment for a few more days; learn more here or book a free consultation with me. Where could you be one year from now?

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