Dreams Don’t Need to Be Practical

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Have you ever gone through a struggle in your life, and connected with someone who’s gone through the exact same thing? It’s like a weight is lifted off your shoulders when you find out that you’re not alone in the experience. The experience could be going through a divorce, changing careers, or managing teenage children, but today, I want to talk about the challenge of following your dreams. 

In the busyness of life and all of the changes that the pandemic has thrown at us in the past two years, indulging in your passion may not seem practical. At least, that’s what some women were feeling in The Extraordinary Life Tribe last year. They felt guilty wanting more from life when they were already struggling with homeschooling, working from home, and the constant changes to public health rules. Not to mention regular work and family life! 

When the topic arose, however, I could feel a collective sigh of relief from the group; it was as if everyone was feeling the same thing. They all wanted to know if it was okay to follow their dreams, even if it wasn’t “practical”, and if so, how to do it! 

Living a life that feels aligned and fulfilling shouldn’t be contingent on “if there’s time after dinner” or world events that you can’t control. There will always be new life stages and challenges that arise, and it’s how we create a life that fits within those pockets that matters. Life doesn’t wait for you, but you do get to decide how you live within it. 

In my latest podcast episode, I interview a musician whose entire world stopped when the pandemic hit. Without teaching, performing, and practicing, what was left for her to do? It raised a lot of questions for her, including the scary one of “who do I want to be when this is all over?”

Listen in, where we talk about how she:

  • Worked through those questions, and discovered how to embrace music even when the world said “not now.”
  • Is embracing a growth mindset, something she didn’t always have, to explore new musical genres and instruments. 
  • Strives to teach her children to “go big” with their own interests and passions. 
  • The importance of having the support and encouragement of the Extraordinary Life Tribe when she was feeling unfocused and lost with her musical career. 

This interview will leave you feeling hopeful and excited, with the knowledge that your passion doesn’t need to be practical to deserve your attention.

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