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Reduce the Effects of Stress on Digestion

It’s well-known that stress affects the digestive system. That’s because when your body is in flight or fight mode due to chronic stress, immediate stress, or even worrying about your day, your body, your body’s processes are disrupted. When it comes to digestion, oxygen and blood are diverted away from the gut, and the body produces less saliva, stomach acid, and digestive enzymes. So, if you can form a habit of eating in a more relaxed state, your digestion can improve - even before making any changes to what you’re eating.

Try one or all of the suggestions below to make mealtimes a little more “zen” and your tummy happier. 

Make Meals a Problem-Free Zone

It can be tough to leave problems behind at mealtime. I know that as my kids have become older and all of our lives busier, mealtimes are often when we spend the most time together. That means we often use mealtimes to discuss what went well or not so well during the day, make plans around...

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How Stress Changes Your Body

We all know by now that stress affects your health, sneakily affecting your body’s internal functions to get ready to fight or take flight. But have you ever thought about how stress also changes how your body looks and feels? When chronic stress is messing with your digestion, sleep, and other processes, it’s inevitably going to take a toll on everything else. But don’t fret - once you know what’s happening, you can make changes for the positive. 

Understand How Stress Changes Your Body

Knowledge truly is power, and when you know better, you can do better! Learning how your body responds to stress can be a huge “aha!” moment, and empower you to take back control of your health. It can be tempting to “power through” stressful days, or simply get used to them. But over time it takes a real toll on how you look and feel. 

Here are a few ways stress changes your body: 

    1. You Gain Body Fat. When you’re stressed, your...
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Easy Ways to Eat More Fruit and Veggies

As a coach, my goal is to help you live your most Extraordinary Life; one that brings you joy, is fulfilling, and is not only aligned with your innermost goals and desires, but one that sees those dreams come true. So why am I talking about your diet?! Well, a life like that takes energy! Mental, physical, and emotional energy all feed into how you feel each day, which then translates into how you greet each day. Is it with enthusiasm or the doldrums? Feeding your body the right way is one piece of the puzzle, and most of us could use some help when it comes to eating more produce. 

Read more about how to increase the different types of energy.

You Already Know It’s Good For You

Everywhere you turn, health and wellness experts are telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables. You don’t need me to tell you that they are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. And I’m sure you already know that people who eat more fruits and vegetables live longer,...

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The Right Way to Detox

Maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional energy is crucial to successfully pursuing your dreams. If you've been experiencing sluggishness in any of these areas, this post is for you. Often, women are enticed to find the best detox method to boost their energy, only to stumble upon questionable detox diets or "cleansing teas" that leave them feeling physically depleted and gross.

To detoxify and enhance your energy levels effectively, it's essential to steer clear of fads. Instead, focus on cleansing your body, mind, and environment so that you can feel your absolute best and make progress towards your dreams each day. Trust me, this approach is far superior to subjecting yourself to a week of cayenne pepper and lemon juice!

Your Body's Natural Detoxification Process

Contrary to what supplement companies and paid endorsements may claim, the truth is that you don't need to eliminate toxins from your body. This is because your body possesses an intricate and remarkable built-in...

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10 Reasons Why You're Tired all the Time

Are you feeling tired all the time? While it’s not realistic to feel energetic 24/7, regularly feeling drained and tired will take a toll. I know when my energy is low, I find it harder to accomplish regular tasks, let alone work on my goals. Medical reasons aside (thanks, menopause!), you may have fallen prey to sneaky energy-zappers in your daily routine. Eliminate these, and you’ll see your energy rebound in no time! 

10 Things Secretly Draining Your Energy

  1. Lack of Movement. It may seem counterintuitive that using energy to exercise or go for a walk will increase your energy, it’s true! Moving your body boosts the oxygen levels in your blood and gives you a boost of feel-good hormones. Throw in some motivational music, getting outdoors, or exercising with friends, and you’ll feel energized in no time. 
  2. Processed Carbs. By design, carbohydrates are designed to provide your body with a quick source of energy. Unfortunately, processed and refined...
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Break Bad Habits in 3 Simple Steps

You KNOW that I love the power of good habits! Habits like drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, setting out your gym clothes the night before, or journaling before bed are easy to do and make a positive impact in our lives. But what about those bad habits that hinder your progress? I’ve got a simple approach to help you break free from negative patterns and transform them into positive ones. This effective method will empower you to conquer your bad habits and create lasting change. 

Where Habits Come From

I know how frustrating it is when you realize you’ve been doing something out of habit (again) that you didn’t even want to do. Like finding yourself arm-deep in a bag of chips whenever you get upset, despite normally being committed to your health goals. Or maybe you drink a glass of wine or two after work each day, but wake up the next day wishing you hadn’t. 

You weren’t born with these habits - they are learned...

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Do You Have Decision Fatigue?

Have you ever had a day where you started off strong, but later found yourself abandoning your workout plans and flopping on the couch with a bowl of ice cream? Decision fatigue might be the culprit behind this temporary loss of willpower. Once you understand why it’s happening, you can get ahead of decision fatigue and see your goals through to success - even when Friends reruns are calling your name.  

Understanding Decision Fatigue

Research shows that the more decisions we make throughout the day, the more our capacity for willpower and self-control diminishes. This means that after a long day at work, an eventful outing, or during moments of heightened stress, making choices becomes particularly challenging. Whether it's choosing between going for a walk or indulging in a Friends marathon, we often opt for the path of least resistance. While decision fatigue can hinder our ability to maintain healthy habits and stay on track, acknowledging its existence empowers...

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How Stress is Affecting Your Physical Well-Being

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives, and we all experience it in different ways. Whether it's due to work pressure, personal relationships, or financial issues, stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health. While occasional stress is a normal part of life, chronic stress can have severe consequences on your physical well-being. 

Stress originates when your body/mind experiences a threat. The threat could be real (being chased by a bear or losing your job), or it could be a perceived threat (i.e. lying awake worrying “what if” every night). No matter the threat,  your nervous system responds by sounding an alarm and preparing the body to respond quickly. The reactions include increased heart rate and breathing, surges of hormones, and increased blood pressure to name a few. 

These responses are meant to help in short-term “fight or flight” situations to increase your chances of survival. Unfortunately, in the modern world full...

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7 Daily Practices to Clear Your Mental Clutter

 Over the past month, I've been talking about clearing out your mental clutter to gain more mental clarity for greater success. To wrap things up, here are seven daily practices that will help you gain control of any thoughts continuously swirling around in your head. Add these tips to your toolbox for when you find yourself ruminating or overwhelmed by unhelpful thoughts. 

Easy Strategies to Clear Your Mental Clutter 

Whether you can’t focus because of the to-do list running in your head, or you can’t sleep because you’re stuck worrying about work, we all get stuck in a “thought loop” sometimes. Your brain won’t turn off or let you focus, and it zaps your energy and productivity. Try one (or a few) of the tips below the next time you find your mind overflowing; or, better yet, choose one and make it a habit to keep those thoughts from turning up in the first place. 

1. Mindful Breathing. If you feel overwhelmed or are...

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Your Diet Could Be Sabotaging Your Focus

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It’s not easy to find focus in our world of smartphones and constant distractions, and I bet most people would like to improve their ability to stay on-task. There are lots of external ways to improve your focus, but today I want to talk about internal factors that could be affecting your mental clarity. More specifically, how your diet could be sabotaging your ability to focus. 

Focus for the Win

When you have improved focus, you’ll see benefits in every area of your life, including in the actions you take toward your goals and dreams. You’ll find it easier to: 

  • Set goals based on your own preferences and desires
  • Make choices with certainty
  • Find the path that will lead you to the things you want
  • Find motivation to do the things required to achieve your larger goals

In contrast, mental clutter can keep the brain from accomplishing straightforward tasks that you want to do. Setting your brain up to better focus...

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